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Potential Pollution Source Inventory

Potential Pollution Source Inventory

The Potential Pollution Source Inventory (PPSI) is the second phase of the Source Water Protection Program (SWPP). The purpose of the PPSI is to identify all current, past, and future potential sources of groundwater pollution in the Source Water Protection Areas (SWPAs). The Consortium began preliminary work on the PPSI in June 1994. The PPSI was endorsed by Ohio EPA in August 1996.

The Consortium’s PPSI involved on-site facility inventories of the types of hazardous materials stored on site and manner of storage. Inventory sites were identified through a comprehensive review of federal state and local environmental/industrial databases, phone directories, and aerial photographs. Additional sites were added to the inventory through windshield surveys and interviews with long-time residents, who were able to identify, for example, where a restaurant may have previously been a gas station

All information gathered during the inventories was logged on an inventory form and entered into a comprehensive PPSI database which the Consortium maintains through site visits.

Results of the PPSI

A total of 704 potential pollution sources were identified at 394 sites during the PPSI. Please note that one site may have multiple sources. For example, a gas station, which is one site, may have three types of sources, underground storage tanks, an aboveground storage tank, and a septic system.

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