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Information for Regulated Facilities

Information for Regulated Facilities

Facility Registration

This website is not to be used for determining regulatory compliance with the provisions of the Wellhead Protection ordinance. It has been prepared for the purpose of public education and providing general guidance on requirements under the WHPP

Registration Process

Facility registration will involve inventorying the types, quantities, and manner of storage of regulated substances at a facility. A Facility Operator may register his or her own facility, or, at the request of the Operator, the facility registration may be completed by the Groundwater Consortium Manager (GWCM) via an on-site visit.

A Facility Operator choosing to have their facility registered by the GWCM must contact the Planning Director or Designee no less than 90 days before a registration is due to ensure completion of the registration by the required due date. Any registration completed by the GWCM shall be conducted at no cost and during normal business hours. Facility registrations must be kept on file at the facility for no less than 5 years from the registration date

Use of Existing Registration Information

Any Facility Operator required to register a facility or regulated substance storage unit with another federal, state, or local Code Official may submit a copy of that registration to the GWCM to expedite the registration process.

New Facility Registration

Any facility subject to regulation under the Ordinance that begins operation or commences conduct governed by the ordinance after the effective date of the ordinance must be registered by the GWCM within 180 days of beginning operation. It is the Facility Operator’s responsibility to notify the GWCM of the need to register the facility. Coordination between Planning and Zoning Departments and the GWCM will also help with this notification process.

Registration of Previously Exempt Facilities

Any previously exempt Facility that becomes subject to the requirements of this Chapter due to changes at the facility must be registered by the Facility Operator of GWCM no later than 180 days after becoming subject to regulation under the Ordinance. A previously exempt facility becomes subject to regulation :

A. A new aboveground (AST) or underground (UST) storage tanks system subject to regulation under the Ordinance is installed at the facility;

B. There is a permanent change in the type and/or volume of Regulated Substances stored or otherwise used at the facility that results in the storage or use of Regulated Substances in quantities meeting or exceeding the quantity thresholds established in the Ordinance; and/or

C. There is a change in the delineated time-of-travel zones (TOTs).

Amending Existing Facility Registrations

A Facility Operator must amend an existing facility registration, or may request that the WFPC amend the registration, no later than 60 days after any of the following. The Facility Operator is responsible for amending a registration under part (E)

A. Change in ownership of the facility;

B. Installation, return to service, or removal of an AST or UST system subject to regulation under the Ordinance;

C. Permanent on-site storage or use of a previously unregistered Regulated Substance in quantities meeting or exceeding the quantity thresholds established in the Ordinance; and/or

D. Change in the delineated TOTs;

And no later than 90 days after:

E. Permanent cessation of regulated operations or storage of Regulated Substances.

Registration Forms

Forms for registering a facility or amending an existing facility registration are available from the GWCM at 785-2464, or may be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage.

What Information is included in a Facility Registration?

Facility registration involves answering the following types of questions:

  • Facility name, address, phone
  • Emergency contact and phone
  • General business information
  • Types and quantities of regulated substances stored on site; and
  • Manner of regulated substance storage.

Registration is required once every 2 years.

For More Information

For a complete listing of Wellhead Protection ordinance fact sheets or more information on the Source Water Protection Program, please visit our web site at, or contact Tim McLelland, Groundwater Consortium Manager, at 785-2464

Facility Registration Forms

  • Hamilton General Facility Registration Form
  • Fairfield General Facility Registration Form (PDFonline form
  • Ross General Facility Registration Form  online form
  • St. Clair General Facility Registration Form
  • Above Ground Storage Inventory Form (PDFonline form 
  • Underground Storage Tank Inventory Form (PDF) online form
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