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Butler County Water Festival

Annual Children's Water Festival

Suggested Websites


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"What Is a Glacier?! How Do Glaciers Form?". Web page discussing the formation of glaciers. From: www.glacier.rice.edu (choose "Ice" icon)

"Ice Movement Slow But Steady". Web page discussing glacial movement. From: www.glacier.rice.edu (choose "Ice" icon)

"Glacial Landforms and Features". Web page discussing glacial erosion and glacial deposition. From: www.glacier.rice.edu (choose "Ice" icon)

"How Do Glaciers Deal with Environmental Change". Web page discussing what happens to glaciers during environmental change and how fast glaciers change. From: www.glacier.rice.edu (choose "Ice" icon)

"The Bigger Picture - What Causes Ice Ages?" Web page discussing the factors that lead to ice ages. From: www.glacier.rice.edu (choose "Ice" icon)

"Quick Facts - All About Glaciers". Web page with a bullet point list of facts about glaciers. Part of a larger site on glaciers. From: www-nsidc.colorado.edu/glaciers

Teacher Resources

image"Water Science for Schools". Comprehensive U.S. Geological Service web site (www.usgs.gov/education) covering a wide variety of topics related to water and water use. Includes information and colorful graphics on properties of water, water on earth, ground water, surface water, water quality, and water use. Includes an activity center where students can participate in national surveys with other site visitors. Copy of site's table of contents included for general information.

"Glaciers" (www.glacier.rice.edu) Rice University web site dedicated to glaciers. Glacier curriculum available fall 2000.

"Water Science Glossary of Terms" from the U.S. Geological Survey Water Science for Schools web site (interactive2.usgs.gov/learningweb/explorer/geoglossary.htm). Comprehensive listing of water terms and their definition. Good for general student use.


"The Teays River - GeoFacts No. 10", Ohio Department of Natural Resources (May 1998). Discussion on the ancient Teays River in Ohio, which was destroyed by glaciers that formed the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer. Could be simplified for presentation to younger audiences. Available at www.dnr.ohio.gov/geosurvey/geo_fact/geo_f10.htm

"The Role of Geology in the Management of Ohio's Solid Waste", Ohio Division of Geologic Survey. Discusses the role of geology in siting solid waste landfills. Ground water is a significant factor.  Also discusses how landfills are constructed. Contains interesting facts on solid waste disposal in the state and the U.S.. From: www.dnr.ohio.gov/geosurvey/gen/environment/Manage.html

"Sand and Gravel - GeoFacts No. 19", Dennis N. Null. Ohio Department of Natural Resources (May 1998). Overview of sand and gravel resources in Ohio. Could be simplified for presentation to younger audiences. Available at www.dnr.ohio.gov/geosurvey/geo_fact/geo_f19.htm


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