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Sand Tank Model

imageOn September 20, 1999, the Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium, was awarded a $5,000 mini grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Education Fund.With the grant money the Consortium purchased 12 three-dimensional groundwater sand tank models similar to the model shown above and prepared an age appropriate ground water protection curricula education binder for elementary, middle and high schools in the Hamilton to New Baltimore area.

Eleven models and curricula binders were distributed to area schools. One model and curricula binder are available as a loan to schools that wish to add this valuable tool to their groundwater unit lessons in an effort to teach children about our great natural resource, ground water! Please contact the Ground Water Consortium Manager, Tim McLelland at 513-785-2464 for more information.

The ultimate goal of this ground water education project is to improve student understanding of ground water as a source of drinking water and the need to protect the source.

The curriculum includes a wide variety of activities and lecture materials for ground water study units as well as presentation guidelines for shorter sessions.All the materials can be tailored to specific grade levels.

  • For elementary school students, the sand tank model can be used to communicate the basic concept of ground water and its use as a source of drinking water.
  • For middle school students, the lesson can be expanded to include discussions on the geologic impact of glaciers in Ohio, ground water movement, source of ground water pollution and how pollution affects drinking water.
  • For high school students, the model can be used for teaching more compelling issues including the specifics of ground water movement (permeability, porosity, hydraulic conductivity), ground water/surface water recharge and ground water pollution.



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