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Great Miami River Clean Up

Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River

The great Miami river is a tremendous resource for Ohio - it is used for fishing, boating, canoeing, and there are many running and walking trails in addition to sustaining a complex ecosystem and variety of wildlife. Perhaps even more importantly, it is indirectly associated with citizens of Butler County's drinking water since it generally follows the path of  the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer. Yet the river doesn't always get the respect it deserves, often getting pelted with everything from plastic bottles to dirty diapers to hundreds of used tires or oil cans and old water- logged furniture. 

Every year, though, several businesses, conservation organizations, government agencies and hundreds of volunteers gather to show their appreciation to the river by giving back and cleaning it up. Communities up and down the river organize 14 sites from Middletown to the Ohio River.  Another event usually in July takes place from Indian Lake to Middletown. These communities then mobilize the hard-working volunteers, ready to clean and beautify this precious natural resource - not only for Butler County residents, but also for residents of the river; snakes, birds, mussels and a wide variety of fish and insects. With approximately 10-12tons of garbage that is collected annually, this is an event that has a significant impact on the health of this important natural resource.

WE CAN ALWAYS USE MORE VOLUNTEERS! A large number of volunteers equal a greater impact on the river. This is a great event for our younger generation to participate in as well, as it teaches not only responsibility but also the importance of respecting the surrounding environment for future generations. It is a perfect opportunity for churches, schools, scouts, sports teams and families to get together, make a difference and possibly learn a few interesting things in the meantime!

Our next river cleanup is October 24th, 2015. We hope you will consider donating your time to assist us.  We will provide all the supplies for you and your group including; garbage bags, nitrile gloves, work gloves, a bottle of water, disposal of trash and tire recycling.  In exchange for participating you'll not only have a great time, but you will feel a sense of community pride and accomplishment and get a t-shirt for helping us out.  

If interested in signing up, please contact:

Tim Mclelland Ground water Consortium Manager


(513) 785-2464 or 383-3162

Kevin Fall District Administrator, Butler Soil and Water Conservation District


(513) 887-7320

Bob Lentz Butler County Storn Water District


(513) 785-4101

Thank you!

To The dedicated Volunteers that Participate in the Clean Sweep!

imageA mini-van bench seat, a lazy-boy recliner, a fake deer head mount, a go-kart and grocery store cold storage bins were only a few of the interesting things found over the years- but not at a garage sale like you might expect. All the items did go for the right price - FREE. All of these items were pulled from the Great Miami River - along with dirty diapers, hundreds of plastic bottles and filled 5½ 30 yard open top roll-off box dumpsters.

More than 1000 volunteers participate in the "Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River" - each year, an annual effort to clean up the entire 160-mile river.

Private citizens, businesses, conservation organizations, and government agencies retrieve several hundred thousand pounds of trash and over 700 tires. Companies and cities along the river pitched in with volunteers and equipment to make the four-day event possible.

image"We had lots of hard working volunteers that drudged through the May heat and I am sure that the organizers of the event as well as everyone who uses the river for work, recreation, or drinks the water from the aquifer beneath the river are very appreciative," said Kevin Fall of the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.

"Keeping the river clean ultimately helps to protect the underlying aquifer which is beneath the river and well beyond the river banks underground and is the source of drinking water for several hundred thousand people here in Butler County" said Tim McLelland of the Hamilton to New Baltimore Ground Water Consortium.

"I think we all did a great job planning and teaming together for this event and we look forward to being bigger and better next year," said Bob Lentz of the Butler County Storm Water District.

imageInterested in getting involved?

A Special Thanks to our sponsors for their support


Reliance Electric

Mechanical Supplies Company Inc.

Hamilton Community Foundation

Wilks Insurance Agency Inc.image

Butler County Sheriff's Office

Butler County Metro Parks

GCI Imaging Inc.

OKI Regional Council of Governments

Madison Township

imageSt. Clair Township

New Miami Village

City of Middletown

Friends of the Great Miami

Colerain Township

Whitewater Township

Oxbow, Inc.

Hamilton County Park District

Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Green Acres Canoe Rental

Crosby Township






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