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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Emergency Response
Emergency Response

In the case of an emergency, the Consortium works with several other agencies to form an IMAT (Incident Management Assessment Team). This team consists of Consortium members and Lab Directors, representatives from the responding fire departments, Ohio EPA and any other technical expert needed for a complete assessment of the release in question. There are two types of releases an IMAT team could respond to:

  Incident-Related Releases Unknown releases
Example A tanker truck turns over while driving, spilling the gallons of harmful chemicals it carries onto the road. An unknown chemical is detected through monthly testing at an established well on the aquifer.
Action Immediate notification to emergency response teams from the local fire department and/or Hazardous Materials (HazMat) unit. Groundwater Consortium manager is also identified. Instant clean-up of spill is crucial, and testing is needed to assess extent of contamination. Investigation of the extent of the contamination by HazMat units and identification of the source. Notification of the Groundwater Consortium.
Post-Incident Action IMAT team continues to test and monitor the site until contaminant is gone and site is safe. Ensure that the origin site is in compliance with regulations set forth by local ordinances and that the contamination has ceased. Rid the soil and water of any remaining contaminants, and if necessary find an alternate water supply. The IMAT team will continue to monitor and improve contamination area.




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